On the path of self-knowledgeit’s difficult tocast offdoubts. 

On the path oflearningit’s even more difficult‒ to understandourselves.

ENSO is a lesson oflove toward ourselves.It’s a callfor all of usto look withinour ownboundaries, to embrace our souls and to understand once more the world around them.

It is a book to which we will, in order to improveour lives,always gladly return.


Doris Radich, actor

The first book by modern European author Dusica Labovic is written in a very interesting and exciting style. The story shows wisdom that is consciously transmitted to the reader, like it is designated just for him. The story shows that coincidences in life don’t exist and that, generally, everything is pre-recorded. I recommend it to all who are seeking for their life path.

Evelina Polyakova, psychologist 

The book ENSO is filled with intrigue that is preserved from the beginning to the end. Philosophy and religion, esotericism and parapsychology intertwine in the book in a very original way. The author succeeded to voice complicated in a simple manner, especially the meaning of human life, what is of particular concern for people who are at the beginning of their life path.“

A.S.Obuh, Master of International Business in Tourism 

Today ‘storytelling’ books, widely used in psychotherapy, are particularly popular. The book ENSO by Dusica Labovic is about the life of a girl who is blind from birth. The path of pursuit, the path of finding one’s life goal, the path of determining one’s own personality, when one discovers what is most important in life – the unlimited possibility of love – is revealed to the reader. Through such a story, the author gives us an example of the power of love that makes our lives.“

    M.V.Polevaya, Doctor of Economics 

Enso is a book about memories, a book of allegory, a book for thought. Popular, new, interesting. The acuteness of perception gives a ‘timelessness’ to events – the breath of ancient cultures of the East and modern West flows through the book. It can be recommended to a wide range of readers. A novel that will awaken your optimistic attitude toward the world and your own life.“

 A.N.Tretyakova, Master of Psychological Science

The story of Antonio, the hero of this allegorical fairy tale, is a story about the real world, about his innocence and misconceptions, about discovering the most valuable secrets of existence, of which one is of invaluable: „It’s never too late to know the souls of other men, but before that, it is much more important to know your own.“

    The lesson of his journey is very reminiscent to the words from the book „The Little Prince“: „I shouldn’t have listened to her. One should never listen to roses. One must admire them and breathe their fragrance. Mine perfumed all my planet, but I did not know how to enjoy her.“

    Since our birth, our hearts are filled with imagination and energy so unusual that to us it looks like we can build bridges and cities. But there are few who can actually reveal the secret and essence of those same bridges and cities! For that one has to cross a long path in life, changing with every turn and every encounter, to teach himself to listen, accept and be grateful for the precious crumbs of wisdom that, at chosen crossroads, destiny gives us. However, this story tells us something entirely new, something completely different and more acceptable, and again, something we forgot after childhood: „Listen to your heart. Only then, on the path to fulfilling a dream, there cannot be any obstacles.“

    By opening this book, you enter a magical world that can certainly point toward discovering the secret of all those bridges and cities you imagine through life.

Evelina Poljakova, psychologist