The Salvador Dali Formula

Uzbudljivi psihološki triler "The Salvador Dali Formula" objavljen je na engleskom jeziku! 


 - KIRKUS REVIEWS "Labovich’s story is reminiscent of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code (2003), substituting Dalí for Leonardo and particle physics for Christianity." 

 - READERS' FAVORITE "A fast-paced and intellectually-stimulating storyline wrapped in a mystery to rival that of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code." ″A fast-paced psychological suspense thriller dives into ancient myths, and unsolved astoundingly planned murders.″ A shocking mystery about a journalist who reveals Salvador Dalí's formula about the secret abilities of the human mind and an anthropologist obsessed with revealing that secret. Only he knows the secret, and only she knows how to discover it. When the unsuccessful journalist, Charles Clark, falls into the mystery of Salvador Dali's famous painting, Persistence of Memory, it turns his life upside down. In one day, he gets a new job, a car worth millions of dollars, and he meets the love of his life, an anthropologist from Barcelona, Anita Ruiz. That day they become the target of the secret scientific society from Oxford but also of the most mystical killer from England who disappeared thirty years ago after he murdered his last victims. They were Charles' parents. Charles and Anita investigate the mysterious formula due to which all his wishes came true. As the serial killer murders members of the scientific society one by one, Charles and Anita become the prime suspects. In escaping from the police but also from the killer, they fall into a murder labyrinth from which they will only get out if they solve the formula encoded in the human beings. Ancient megaliths, churches, and museums become their refuge, as well as a source of information about a buried secret that will forever change their lives…. "The greatest secret in history has gone unrecognized—until now!"